Student and Hobbyist

Symbolica is free to use for students and hobbyists!

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Non-commercial use

Do you want to use Symbolica for for example research with non-commercial use?

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Commercial use

Do you want to use Symbolica in your company or for commercial use?

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The goal of Symbolica is to provide a state-of-the-art commercial computer algebra system while being as open as possible. As you may have seen, the complete source code is available on Github and the development process is open as well on Zulip. The goal of having the source available is for students to learn about computer algebra, for advanced users to modify the code to their needs, to receive community contributions, and to help identify bugs. Copying or usage of the Symbolica code or code snippets in other projects is only allowed by express permission (to prevent someone copying the code and hard work of the Symbolica team without compensation).

Students and hobbyists can also use Symbolica free. Once Symbolica is being used professionally, either in an academic context or in a commercial company, a license is required.

License perks

A Symbolica license gives you access to use Symbolica in your projects. Additionally, you will get priority support:

  • Advice on effective use of Symbolica for your project
  • Priority on new feature requests