Symbolica is free for non-employed and non-affiliated use!

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Do you want to use Symbolica at a university? One core and instance per device is free!

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¹ An annual site-wide university license costs $6600.


Do you want to use Symbolica at your organization? One core and instance per device is free for non-commercial use!

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The goal of Symbolica is to provide a state-of-the-art commercial computer algebra system while being as open as possible. As you may have seen, the complete source code is available on Github and the development process is open as well on Zulip. The goal of having the source available is for students to learn about computer algebra, for advanced users to modify the code to their needs, to receive community contributions, and to help identify bugs. Distribution of the Symbolica code or parts thereof (modified or not) is only allowed with prior express permission (to prevent someone copying the code and hard work of the Symbolica team without compensation).

Symbolica is free for hobbyist use. Once Symbolica is being used as part of your employment, either in an academic context or in a (non-)commercial organization, a license is required.

License perks

A Symbolica license gives you access to use Symbolica in your projects. Additionally, you will get priority support:

  • Support for effective use of Symbolica in your projects
  • Priority for new feature requests

Frequently asked questions

My trial license expired, but I need more time to test Symbolica

No worries! Reach out to to get an extension (granted in most cases).

What is the preferred license model for academia?

The preferred license model for academic use is an annual, institution-wide license. In select cases, a license for a fixed number of users can be agreed upon.

Can a third-party member of my project use my institute’s Symbolica license?

If a collaborator not employed by a licensed institute wants to run code that requires a Symbolica license on a server not owned by the licensed institute, this third party has to have their own Symbolica license. In these cases a discounted third-party license can be obtained.

Can I use the hobbyist license to publish papers or research output?

If you publish scientific work under your own name, without any affiliation, you can use the hobbyist license. Otherwise, your affiliated organization has to purchase an academic or standard license. If the work has co-authors, the same conditions apply for each of the co-authors.

I wrote a code that uses Symbolica. Do the users of my code have to have a Symbolica license?

Whether end-users require a license has to be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. If the use of Symbolica mostly benefits the authors of the code, the end-users can use Symbolica without cost under a special license agreement.

In cases where the end-users benefits from Symbolica, there are two options:

  • the developer (or a third party) acquires a supplementary license for their users
  • the end-user acquires a license

What happens in the case when Symbolica development is halted?

In the case of halted development, existing and new users can buy a perpetual license for the most recent version. This means it will always be possible to use Symbolica.

Licensed institutions

CERN University of Bern University of Zurich Karlsruhe Institute of Technology