Python API


Symbolica expression classes

Expression A Symbolica expression.
Transformer Operations that transform an expression.
Series A series expansion class.
PatternRestriction A restriction on wildcards.
AtomType Specifies the type of the atom.
AtomTree A Python representation of a Symbolica expression.


Symbolica polynomial classes

Polynomial A Symbolica polynomial with rational coefficients.
IntegerPolynomial A Symbolica polynomial with integer coefficients.
FiniteFieldPolynomial A Symbolica polynomial with finite field coefficients.
RationalPolynomial A Symbolica rational polynomial.
RationalPolynomialSmallExponent A Symbolica rational polynomial with variable powers limited to 255.
FiniteFieldRationalPolynomial A Symbolica rational polynomial.

Numerical integration

Numerical integration classes

Sample A sample from the Symbolica integrator. It could consist of discrete layers,
RandomNumberGenerator A reproducible, fast, non-cryptographic random number generator suitable for parallel Monte Carlo simulations.

Linear algebra

Linear algebra classes



Licensing functions

get_version Get the current Symbolica version.
is_licensed Check if the current Symbolica instance has a valid license key set.
set_license_key Set the Symbolica license key for this computer. Can only be called before calling any other Symbolica functions.
request_hobbyist_license Request a key for non-professional use for the user name, that will be sent to the e-mail address email.
request_trial_license Request a key for a trial license for the user name working at company, that will be sent to the e-mail address email.
request_sublicense Request a sublicense key for the user name working at company that has the site-wide license super_license.
get_offline_license_key Get a license key for offline use, generated from a licensed Symbolica session. The key will remain valid for 24 hours.